Painting Work

Washing Exterior

Our painting services start with us washing the exterior area that will be painted to ensure that any dirt, gunk, mildew, and dust is completely gone. We use pressure-washers as well as other powerful washers to make the exterior as clean as possible. And, when it comes to interior painting services, we conduct the set-up processes to ensure perfection.

Long-Lasting Painting

The next step is then us preparing the specific surface that we will be painting on in order to ensure the longest-lasting painting services possible. The reality is that some companies that may be on the cheaper side fail to prepare the surfaces being painted, so the painting job might look okay for a little while, but the paint will start to chip, peel, and fade shortly afterward.

Several Coats

The painting process is usually comprised of applying several coats of premium quality paint to ensure an even, uniform, and as always, exceptional appearance. We never skimp on the quality of paint that we use since we know how vital it is to use the best paint in order to achieve the perfected results we are known for.

Highest Quality

We ensure the highest quality around, and we know that when you hire us to work on your home or office, you will be getting exceptional painting services each and every time. When it comes to our interior and exterior painting services, we have a detailed process in order to create the most beautiful painting result possible.

Surface Preparation

This is due to the wrong surface preparation or absolutely no surface preparation being done beforehand. When you work with us, this will never happen! We make sure to prepare each surface thoroughly before starting our high-quality painting processes no matter what. Next, after the preparation of the surfaces has been completed, we then embark on the actual painting of the surface.

Premium Painting

After the premium painting has taken place, we then take it upon ourselves to clean up afterward in order to ensure that the exterior or interior of your home or office is cleaner than before we got there. We take great pride in all of the painting jobs that we do, and that is why you will be getting the ultimate in care and beauty when you hire us to paint your home or office.

For more information on all of the comprehensive exterior and interior painting services that we do, and to get even more information on our state-of-the-art painting processes we offer, feel free to contact us today!

what clients say about Us

Painters Service Co.

Painters Service Co. was fantastic in his service and knowledge of the products we wanted to use on our house. The painters were on time every morning, clean and tidy.

Jesse A.
Sherman Oaks, CA

I highly recommend Painters Service Co. They did a fantastic paint job on our home and their service was efficient and very professional.

Lee R.
Sherman Oaks, CA